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Nationwide Permitless Carry

This is really beginning to gain steam across America and there is a new bill in Nevada to do just that!
Check out the map below:

  • The states in green allow concealed carry without a permit.
    (Idaho & Wyoming - Residents Only)
  • The states in yellow are considering allowing concealed carry without a permit. 
  • The states in orange do not allow concealed carry without a permit.
    (May not updated to include Nevada and other states)
I’ve mentioned this before and it remains the same, one of the reasons why so many states are passing legislation to allow concealed carry in their state without a CCW permit is so lawful permit holders won’t be arrested for carrying a concealed handgun when they didn’t know their permit had expired.

Many don’t look at their permit as often as they do their drivers license and thus it can expire and they don’t know it. Remember, for my students, I run a free permit reminder service and I'll let you know when your permit is up for renewal but you have to let me know when your Nevada permit expires and you must keep me updated with your contact information.

Many times it’s a Senator or other major political figure who is discovered with a concealed firearm and an expired permit. They’re the first ones to implement a change to law.

I had a buddy at work who laughingly told me his permit had expired a year prior and he’s been carrying concealed the entire time.

He was shocked to find out the penalty for carrying a concealed weapon without a valid permit in Nevada is a always a class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5000 fine. 

I would think an attorney experienced with gun laws could argue the case successfully and get it reduced significantly. Subsequent violations carry stiffer penalties.

The states that have permitless carry still issue CCW permits since that's the only way their residents can get reciprocity with other states. I definitely see the number of states enacting permitless carry increasing and while it would affect my business, I still see those people who really think about the responsibility of carrying a defensive firearm for protection of self & family to seek training.


Bills currently in the Nevada Legislature

AB 171 - Rightfully so, follows the previous story
Read, no other action
This bill would introduce constitutional carry (permitless concealed carry) in Nevada by deleting firearms from the prohibition of concealed weapons, NRS 202.350(d)(1). There would be no residency or age restrictions.


SB102 - Authorizes the possession of a handgun in a vehicle that is on the property of certain educational entities or child care facilities in certain circumstances.

Read, no other action.
This bill would amend NRS 202.265 to allow a concealed handgun by a concealed permit holder to be carried in a motor vehicle on a school campus; i.e. parking lot carry. The handgun would have to be:
  •     In a motor vehicle, excluding a school bus; and, 
  •     Either in an occupied vehicle; or, 
  •     If the vehicle is unoccupied, it must be locked or the handgun must be
        stored in a locked container affixed securely to the vehicle.
Would amend NRS 202.3673 procedurally to remove conflicts in the law.

SB115 - Library Gun Free Zone/Open Carry Revenge Bill
Read, no other action

This bill would amend NRS 202.265 to prohibit firearms (openly or concealed) at public libraries, except with written permission of the Board of Trustees, even in the parking lot. The permission requirement would be just like schools and almost undoubtedly denied for anyone but security guards by certain districts, namely the Las Vegas Clark-County School District (LVCCLD).

The Clark County Library system is a government entity and like all local government facilities, they cannot restrict open carry yet they have and one woman in particular was handcuffed, charged with trespassing, and her firearm confiscated by police. She has file a lawsuit against the library district and as of yet there's no word on it.

SB124 - Extending temporary restraining orders.
For extended temporary restraining orders, requires courts to issue orders prohibiting the possession of firearms, except for purposes of employment and during that employment.

This is a bill to watch. While domestic violence is a serious problem, "extended" temporary restraining orders could become indefinite. Temporary restraining orders are not necessarily because of domestic violence and have been issued to open carriers because an ignorant neighbor complained. The mandated search warrant and confiscation sections could become a troubling blueprint for confiscation for other, less serious matters.  

SB254 Save Your Life, Get Sued

This bill would remove civil immunity in the event of a justified self-defense shooting. This would make it possible for a criminal or their family to sue you after a legal shooting. While castle doctrine and no duty to retreat isn't yet under attack, this is the first step in dismantling your right to armed self-defense.

The bill is supported by a whole raft of anti-gunners who want to make it as difficult as possible for you to protect yourself and your family. They want you too terrified by the consequences of being drug into court by an unscrupulous attorney to carry or use a gun, should your life depend on it. This bill is a bald-faced attempt at turning you into a helpless victim, not only to the legal system, but your assailant as well.

AB 87 - Allow new residents to carry with previous residency permit.
Read, no other action
This bill would change state law to allow new residents to carry concealed firearms with a permit issued by a state that Nevada recognizes. This would eliminate the 60 day grace period for new residents and allow them to carry with their former out of state permit while waiting to obtain a Nevada concealed firearm permit. 

The out-of-state permit would be as valid as a Nevada permit until it expires.
This bill would eliminate the need for new residents to immediately obtain a Nevada permit, which can take between 90-120 days for Clark County residents.

AB 118 - Allow 18-20 year old's to get a CCW permit.
Read, no other action
This bill would allow person 18-20 to obtain concealed firearm permits if they are currently in, or honorably discharged from, the military. This would apply to active or reserve personnel and National Guard soldiers or was honorably discharged.


AB253 - Ban certain people from owning firearms.
Read, no other action 
Authorizes the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History to share mental health adjudications with local law enforcement agencies for purposes of identifying persons prohibited from possessing firearms.

This is almost certainly the universal background checks bill that will un-do the colossal snafu Question 1 was dealt by the FBI and the Attorney General. The description language is similar to the vetoed background check bill of 2013, SB 221, cloaking banning the private sale of firearms by calling it a "mental health" bill. Two of SB 221's sponsors are on the Judiciary Committee. 

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